Mediated realities and experiencing art

A criticism on today’s mode of experiencing by Sean Marie Prythyll A. Patnubay | October 24, 2020

As seen in the digital viewing of art forms brought about by this pandemic, I experienced first hand that I was not able to get the full experience of appreciating art which should be up close and personal. While the mediated reality still allowed me to behold that specific art form, it took away the opportunity for me to experience art since I was not able to look at something more tangible. More than ever, I have slowly lost my sense of time and awareness to the point that I might be closer to the mark should I liken my dependence to mediated realities to the metaphor of “My Precious” in The Lord of the Rings. The constant exposure to these mediated realities has allowed for a little bit of addiction to creep in my consciousness that I would look for my phone or any gadget in general almost upon waking up. There are even some instances when I would feel a little bit of insecurity if I don’t have my phone with me because I am too absorbed with reading my Chinese translated webnovels on that device that I need to read whenever I have free time. With this, it can be said that it also takes away a little bit of my humanity.



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