God bless the Philippines

Sean Marie Prythyll Patnubay
1 min readJul 11, 2022

A lamentation on the state of Philippine literature by Sean Marie Prythyll A. Patnubay | December 10, 2021

Our literary style now is an awakening of our disaster memory of the wars we waged and continue to wage. As we all know now, literature is prolific in the Philippines when there is a strife. I thought that it would never happen in my lifetime but I became aware that the social ills were always present and there will always be something to write about when in the Philippines. This realization was amplified by a Duterte presidency and a global pandemic. While I may not like the direction of our literature, it is what sustains us.

The future of our literature is now. We are taking up the cudgels of exposing social ills of society via literature while finding it in the same sphere, the reason to live, laugh, and love amidst these unprecedented and trying times. God bless the Philippines.

Edit: June 12, 2021 — amplified by a Duterte presidency, a global pandemic, and the return of the Marcoses to Malacañang.